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A young American photo-journalist volunteers to cut sugar cane in Cuba and gets caught in a love triangle with a dedicated revolutionary and a young doctor struggling to survive from day to day.

"Lacámara and director Bert Rosario achieve something rare and notable: and insightful, informative new play whose broad political and social commentary never overwhelms the involving personal drama at its core." --Los Angeles Times

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Alberto Varela is a young commercial artist on the verge of landing the biggest ad campaign of his career and marrying the woman of his dreams. Then comes revolution.  

"Lacámara's absorbing time capsule captures the sense of everyday people surprised by history and the slow burn as Castro and cronies rise to power." 

--Los Angeles Times

"Carlos Lacámara's Havana Bourgeois is thus all the more remarkable --in less than two hours, he delivers the story of the gradual Communist takeover of Cuba, touching on issues of race, class and how revolutionary idealism can be used like any other tool."


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Cuban refugees adrift in a small boat battle the elements and the demons of their past.  Set in 1980 when thousands of 

Cubans, including many criminals and psychotics, poured into American ports, Exiles explores the plight of people forever lost between two worlds.


"...gripping combination of political drama and family squabble, given a taut, vivid production..." 

Arts Watch, Portland

"Playwright Carlos Lacamara's drama puts a powerful human face on the Mariel boat lift."

LA Weekly

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